About CEJ

CEJ is an open access e-journal that publishes engaging articles geared towards practitioners, scholars, and students in the compliance field. It offers a platform for compliance experts to share their innovative ideas with others who are interested or are already involved in the compliance industry.


The roots of CEJ can be traced back to the LawWithoutWalls and Compliance Elliance programs, which were established by professors Michele DeStefano (University of Miami School of Law) and Dr. Hendrik Schneider (University of Leipzig Faculty of Law). Both programs are groundbreaking virtual education seminars that connect professors, legal and business practitioners, and students from across the world through the utilization of web- and video-conferencing, email, instant messaging, and social media. This allows for real-time presentation and discussion of the newest trends and developments in compliance. The two programs recently joined forces to form LWOW X Compliance. Students and practitioners who are interested in taking part should click here for further information.

Building on the success of LawWithoutWalls and Compliance Elliance and drawing on their expertise in the compliance field, Michele DeStefano and Hendrik Schneider founded CEJ in 2014. The first edition, entitled “Global Corporations in a World of Local Market Specifics: How to Create a ‘Glocal’ Identity of Compliance, was published in August 2015. In addition to their roles as founders of CEJ, Michele and Hendrik also serve as content curators. All articles within CEJ focus exclusively on compliance, which makes it a valuable tool for academics and practitioners involved in this field or for students who wish to begin a career in compliance.


CEJ is an open-access e-journal that is published twice per year, in both the spring and fall. Our previous issues are available here. Our 13th edition is currently available to download as PDF and features topic articles about “Gender and Compliance“. We are also accepting submissions for the Spring 2022 edition. More detailed information for authors who would like to have their work considered for publication is found on the submissions page.


Each issue of CEJ will address a cutting edge theme that is relevant to the compliance industry. The journal will contain topic articles, case studies, interviews, reviews, white papers, and a students corner. Topic articles will be substantial articles that delve into the main topic of the edition. Case studies will examine recent decisions that will have an outcome on practice. Video interviews will be conducted with compliance experts who will offer their perspective on problems or solutions within the compliance industry. Reviews will analyze recent books or articles on compliance that have been published. White papers will present topics in a clear manner while presenting facts and arguments. The students corner will allow students to have their voices heard and will also be a valuable resource for students who are interested in starting a career in compliance.


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